19 Things I'm Still Confused About After The "Euphoria" Season 2 Finale

I’mma need Season 3 to open with a background episode on Laurie.


Last night, the Season 2 finale of euphoria aired on HBO and, needless to say, we are still collectively recovering from the emotional roller coaster Sam Levinson put us through:

Now, any fan of euphoria would be the first to say that this season was…a little different from the first season, namely that there seemed to be a lot of randomly added characters and gaping plot holes big enough for Rue to run through:

So, here are all the questions that need to be answered in Season 3 of euphoria (hint — there are many):


For starters, let’s address the elephant in the room: the murder of Ashtray at the hands of the police. Why was there a shootout when Ash is a minor and could have explained away his situation from him?

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I understand not wanting to be separated from Fezco if Ash’s arrest resulted in placing him in foster care or juvie, but it would have been WAY less time away from Fez if a) Fez went to prison and if b) Ash died.


Could Faye not send a text to Ash and Fez about the coup?

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A lot of people are calling Faye a “real one,” but I’mma be the first to say that she could have done a WHOLE LOT MORE!


What exactly was the timeline of the penultimate episode and finale?

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A lot of things were happening during Lexi’s play that seemed to happen in the past, present, and future…? Yet it all ended up in the play?


Specifically, the emotional conversation between Rue and Lexi happened…when? Rue opened up the convo with, “I really liked your play,” but then we also see that moment in the play.

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Maybe Lexi predicted the convo and preemptively incorporated it into the play.


And also, when exactly was Lexi visiting Rue in the hospital? Was that post-Laurie kidnapping or sometime years before?

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Loooots of liberties being taken with these timelines, huh, Sam?


Did Rue ever find out that Jules and Elliot slept together?

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Like, people are shitting on Cassie for sleeping with Maddy’s ex, but we do not talk about how Jules slept with Elliot while still dating Rue!


What’s the deal with Laurie?

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Point blank. What’s your deal?


Remember when Rue woke up in Laurie’s house after an undisclosed amount of time and escaped…? What happened during that undisclosed amount of time?

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We just moseyed on PAST that one, didn’t we?


Did Laurie just forgive Rue’s debt? Or did she get payment in another way?


Back to the play — I understand that it was about Lexi’s life, but what was the purpose of low-key outing Nate to their entire school?

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And how did she KNOW? HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW!


In the voiceover during the end of the episode, Rue’s character says that she remained clean throughout the rest of the school year… Is that why she wasn’t curious about Fez’s whereabouts? Because she didn’t need drugs from him anymore? OR IS IT BECAUSE RUE’S DEAD and speaking from beyond the grave?

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Are we not going to address that Samantha recorded Maddy trying on her clothes in the closet?

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I’d like to believe she was just wondering who tf was rifling through her clothes, but with euphoriaI feel like it’s more sinister.


Why did Minka Kelly’s character gift Maddy the dress? Is she going somewhere?

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I did not hear a single soul talk about college on this show.


What…is/was/will be up with Kat?

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Her character had a collective 10 minutes of screentime and six lines of dialogue this entire season.


And McKay?

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Is he even still alive?


At the end of the episode, Maddy declared that “this is just the beginning.” THE BEGINNING OF WHAT???

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I can’t believe we have to wait until 2024 to get some answers.


Don’t get me wrong — I loved seeing Cal go down, but does this mean that Nate’s going to get off scotch free for PUTTING A GUN to Maddy’s head??

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Justice for Maddy just once, PLEASE.


And what did Nate mean when he told his dad he gave the cops “everything” on the jump drive? Because he definitely told Jules that the CD he had of Cal and Jules together was the “only copy.”

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Like, did the Nate/Cal thing happen way before Nate talked to Jules? Or did Nate just (unsurprisingly) lie to Jules?


And, most importantly, how soon can I stream Elliot’s song to Rue?

ok…don’t let sam levinson’s ill-timing take away from the fact that elliot’s song was actually really beautiful

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What questions do you have after the euphoria ending? Sound off in the comments below.


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