The biggest spoiler for Doctor Strange 2 has been confirmed by Marvel Studios. A totally epic movie is coming.

Although he made a special point of denying it during the previous interviews, Sir Patrick Stewart seems to have officially confirmed his appearance in Doc Strange 2. The new movie of Marvel Studios left the door open when he returned Professor X. The first trailer for the film sam raimi seemed to reveal Charles Xavier, although it remained a “mystery”. We took it for granted, but the actor insisted on denying it. Finally, he has ended up giving in to reality and has admitted his participation in the film.

Talking with Jake’s Talesthe experienced actor gave up and spoke openly about the reaction of the fans after seeing the trailer for Doc Strange 2 for the first time. «Well… I left my phone turned off when the trailer came out, so I didn’t know anythingsaid Sir Patrick Stewart. «It wasn’t until the next morning, when I woke up and looked at my phone, that I discovered I was being bombarded with questions. My agents were sending me reactions to take a look at«.

“I was pleased to see all the reactions,” the actor admitted.

«In fact, I was not able to recognize my own voice. sounded very different«, continued explaining the actor who gives life to Charles Xavier in Doc Strange 2. «I don’t remember if I had a cold or something like that at the time. I was completely amazed. All they saw was the back of my shoulder and a part of my earlobe. Nothing more. They took so many connections for granted, that I was surprised. But, despite everything, I was pleased to see the reactions«.

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As far as we know, Professor X will be a member of some kind of organization illuminati the multiverse Marvelin addition to other characters. We do not know who will be his companions in Doc Strange 2, but surely we have more than one surprise in that regard. It remains to be seen if he will remain as the version of the legendary leader of the X Men at Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most likely, there will be a “recast” with a younger actor; Come on, that would be logical.

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