Charlie Cox wants to change Daredevil's costume

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Charlie Cox, protagonist of Daredevil has now asked that he belongs entirely to Marvel, that they change his suit

Have you ever thought about what would happen if the most famous superheroes like Superman or Batman didn’t have their logo on the chest of their suit? It would be weird, the suit probably wouldn’t be complete. In this case, it has gone unnoticed through our retinas without realizing what Daredevil’s suit was like in his Netflix series. Now that he has the Marvel rights, something seems to be changing.

If we look closely at the chest of Charlie Cox’s fearless man we won’t be able to see the famous “DD” that we see on Daredevil’s suit in the comics and that make it easily recognizable as his logo.

The actor, who has been established in the UCM, had a costume in his Netflix series that was too realistic, so it did not have those little details that make you think that you are seeing a true adaptation of the comics.

Can Charlie Cox get to modify his suit?

Charlie Cox seems to be in a privileged position in the world of Marvel since, according to rumors, he is counted on for many movies and series, being a quite relevant secondary character. That’s why you’re statements They have not surprised anyone.

«I think that the entire suit should be redone and that the evolution of the character can be seen. I promise I don’t know anything and I’m not in conversation with anyone, I just say what I think. Charlie expressed when asked about the subject of his incorporation into Marvel and his paradigm shift.

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«It is not something definitive since at the end of the day there is nothing closed, but I think that the character deserves that. If we keep doing things, the character has to grow, in every way.” With these statements, Charlie’s intentions are clear. Now all that remains is to wait for Marvel, to see if he pays attention to it.

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