Matt Reeves directing Robert Pattinson in 'The Batman'

Chloé Zhao spent the entire promotion of ‘Eternals’ thanking creative freedom that they gave him when planning said film that ‘forced’ Marvel Studios to shoot in natural environments and move away from the construction of sets, or from scenes with a predominance of computer-generated images. Nia DaCosta, director of ‘The Marvels’ underlines the same: feel like you have the ability to choose your own path.

But probably due to the ties that each marvelite proposal shares with the others in the construction of the tapestry of the phase that touches, now already Phase 4; In general, some limits are perceived in the case of the direction, which do not convince Matt Reeves at all. This filmmaker tells it in statements to Variety, noting that he has great respect for the team developing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that he wouldn’t feel comfortable tackling the task of helming any of their stories.

“I have a lot of respect for Kevin Feige and also for the filmmakers [de Marvel]. But to be honest, I just don’t know how I would make my way through that. There has to be some level of discovery for me, where I have some freedom to find my own direction.. If I have to get into something that’s already too established, then I think I’d miss out… And I think they wouldn’t be happy with me either.”.

long? Look, don’t

One of the most widespread criticisms of ‘The Batman’ it has to do with its duration. That the film extends over 2 hours and 55 minutes is something that practically all the reactions in the specialized press collect, for better or worse. It is said so much that Reeves himself wanted to react to it by ensuring that “Once you see the movie, [su duración] stop being a problem.

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The manager, in statements to The New York Times, also stresses that his film “it’s immersive and keeps you engrossed”also adding that the first version was even longer and that it was after the initial test screenings that they realized they had to reduce the footage a bit.

* ‘The Batman’ can be seen in theaters from this friday march 4.

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