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If already in 2010 The Asylum produced a second disaster film based on the idea of ​​the Titanic that had nothing, but nothing to do with that of James Cameron, now it is the Tubi platform (also produced by The Asylum) that has put into go one “third part”, this time with a different approach: it will be a horror thriller.

With the suggestive title of ‘Titanic 666’, dead line has exclusively published his unique argument which reads as follows: “One hundred and ten years after the fateful voyage of her namesake, the maiden voyage of the Titanic III will arrive at the original wreck site. Although it is a faithful replica of the original, this gigantic cruise ship is built with the most advanced technology, ensuring that it has no no chance of sinking, but when the Titanic III arrives at the tragic site, strange things begin to happen. as dark forces from the deep rise to the surface, terrifying all on board and threatening to repeat one of the greatest disasters in history”.

The team

Directed by Nick Lyon (‘Bullet’) and written by Jacob Cooney and Jason Whitepor, ‘Titanic 666’ will star AnnaLynne McCord, Keesha Sharp, Lydia Hearst (‘Z Nation’) and Jamie Bamber (Galactica, Fighter Star) alongside Joseph Gatt, Derek Yates, Michael J. Chen, Jhey Castles, Kendall Chappell, and Giovannie Espiritu.

McCord will play Mia Stone, a influencer and passenger traveling with her husband. Sharp will play Celeste Rhoades, captain of the Titanic III and the person who brings the ship to the site of the original Titanic disaster. Hearst will play Idina, a stowaway who seeks to avenge the exploitation of the original victims of the Titanic., and Bamber will play Professor Hal Cochran, a passenger on the ship and a collector of artifacts from the original ship. We do not know who will play the character of Leonardo DiCaprio, but hopefully a ghost Jack Dawson will come out, really, we do not ask for more.

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