América Chávez en Doctor Strange 2 (Marvel Studios)

América Chávez will be presented at Marvel Studios with Doctor Strange 2. But why isn’t its creator entirely satisfied with her star appearance?

the creator of America Chavez, Joe Caseyhas spoken about the appearance of his superheroine in Doc Strange 2. And also about the treatment Marvel Studios gives to artistic creators. The long-awaited movie MCU Phase 4 will hit theaters in May with a barrage of surprises. We’ll see the Sorcerer Supreme from benedict cumberbatchbut also the return of Scarlet Witch.

Characters as unexpected as the Professor X from Patrick Stewart, confirming Fox’s mutants in the shared universe. come on what Doc Strange 2 It has all the ingredients to succeed. And, to top it off, it will be the first appearance of América Chávez in the cinema.

“Creating characters for Marvel Comics was not my smartest decision,” said the artist.

Joe Casey, the creator of Marvel’s new superheroine, recently spoke with Comic Book. He explained his feelings about America Chavez making the leap to the big screen, among other things. The artist claimed to be very excited, but also wanted to mention the “Marvel method” to compensate the creators of the characters. To do this, he calculated what he could earn Doc Strange 2 box office. These were his statements about it:

«It’s great that he appears in the movie. But, on the other hand, it is only the latest of the many appearances that América Chávez is having in other media. Video games, action figures, animation, clothes, sheets and probably much more. Sections in which he has made a great impression outside of the comics. When I think about all the money that Doctor Strange 2 is going to make… Being serious, it probably wasn’t the wisest decision for me to create new characters for Marvel. Considering its patchy history of treating creators fairly… However, in the case of América Chávez I did. And, no matter how the situation is in that regard, it definitely excites me to see it in a movie«.

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