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A deleted scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home has surfaced. It is a sequence with the villains of the Marvel movie.

A few months have passed since the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, it’s hard to top a premiere like that, really. the last movie of Marvel Studios has become an unprecedented blockbuster in the pandemic era. Alone batman it seems to follow in its wake, and at a great distance. The hit of nostalgia that the great arachnid event gave was immeasurable. The positive part is that, as the days go by, there is less left to have the physical edition in our hands and be able to enjoy it again. In addition, a lot of material is being leaked for the release of the tape in home format.

For example, we now have a deleted scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Thanks to our national influencer crux void we have been able to see a frame of a sequence that was deleted from the cinematographic footage. In this scene almost all the villains of the film appear in the elevator with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). A sequence that seems very funny and that surely is. Hopefully we can see it soon, because we feel like it a lot.

What do you think of the image of this deleted scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home? The truth is that the thing between Marvel Studios and the elevators is a long-lasting, close and pleasant relationship.

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The next steps of Spider-Man in the UCM

We still do not have an official confirmation that the next installment will see the light soon. We are very clear that Tom Holland is going to return, he must return!, although we know that he wants to take a little break to regain strength. After this bombshell that he has been Spider-Man: No Way Home and the premiere of Uncharted, the Hollywood superstar wants to get away for a while. It is normal and understandable. But that she does not neglect herself too much, that we are wishing that her Spiderman return to theaters and continue to give us stories like the last trilogy.


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