Liam Neeson se retira de las películas de acción... Otra vez

Although Liam Neeson is about to turn 70, nothing can stop him and he will prove that he is still one of the great action heroes.

In 2008 it premiered Revenge (Taken)the first of the action saga starring Liam Neesonwhich was about a man named Bryan Mills who is an ex-CIA agent who uses all his skills to rescue his daughter who has been kidnapped while traveling in Paris. The film was directed by Pierre Morell (13th Precinct, Killer Hunt) and grossed $226 million on a $25 million budget.

Since it was a success, they decided to make the sequel in 2012 titled Revenge: Istanbul Connection (Take 2)this time the director was Olivier Megaton and the character of Liam Neeson must face the father of the kidnapper from the previous movie. The production kicked things up a notch and the budget increased to $45 million, but the box office was also better at $376 million.

Seeing that the first two installments had been a very profitable success, they made the third part in 2015, which was titled V3nganza (Taken 3)the director in charge was again Olivier Megaton and the story focuses on how Bryan Mills He must clear his name after being accused of a murder he did not commit. The film had a budget of 48 million dollars and raised a little less than the second. Since he left the figure in his tour in theaters at 326 million dollars. Even so, it is a saga that gives many benefits, so it is normal that they want to make the fourth installment.

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There is also a television series.

After the success of the movies, they have made a show titled Vengeance: Origins (Taken)where they show us the past of the character Bryan Millswhich on this occasion is played by Clive Standen. Both the series and the films have behind Luc Bessonsince it takes care of the scripts.

Now Liam Neeson must take revenge for the fourth time. But Luc Besson They should choose a somewhat different story, because in recent years, the famous actor has made similar films where he plays similar characters such as The passenger (2018), One night to survive (2015), Non-Stop (2014), White Hell (2011), subzero revenge (2019), The Ice Road (2021), The protector (2021), an honest thief (2020) and black light (2022).

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