Oscar Nominations

Oscar’s Class of 2022

This year’s Oscar nominations are the result of a record number of votes, according to the Academy—and that makes sense, since the number of voting members expanded to more than 9,400, the most ever. They cast their ballots in a year that began in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, showed signs of loosening up as theaters reopened and big movies like dunes, No Time to Die and Spider-Man: No Way Home opened theatrically, and then grew more restrictive as the Omicron variant sent infection rates rocketing up. Choosing among 276 films in the main categories and hundreds more documentaries, international films and shorts, the voters came up with a slate to reflect another weird year. This special guide will take you through all 23 Oscar categories and introduce you to every nominee—even the ones that need no introduction.

By: Steve Pond, Joe McGovern, Missy Schwartz, Drew Taylor, and Brian Welk

Additional Reporting By: Adam Chitwood and Jeremy Fuster

illustration: Eric Hernandez


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