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Can Bruce Wayne become a murderer? Surprisingly, The Batman secretly gives the keys so that this can happen one day.

batman It has been the last great installment of the adventures of the Bat Man at the cinema. The movie of Robert Pattinson presents a small portion of the gallery of villains from Gotham City and could soon end up introducing one of them to become the reason why the Dark Knight end up killing a person. BruceWayne is known for its unique ruler. The hero does not kill, he cannot kill, no matter how far they take him, how much they push him for it. However, the movie could have potentially set the context in which the hero would go over the edge. He would be pushed so far that he would break his main rule. Or at least they think so ScreenRant.

Although Bruce doesn’t kill anyone in the course of batman, comes remarkably close to murder. He does so when one of the agents Enigma try to kill cat woman In front of him. We see the establishment of a context in which he could finally cross the line. Maybe I’ll end up doing it in a sequel. The Bat Man is a man driven by revenge. He is fueled by a consuming rage. Thus he unleashes his traumatic experiences against the enemies of Gotham City.

Love could be the key to all of this

In that sense, the joker is currently a minor figure in this «Batverse». At least, that is the image that we have been seeing batman. However, her appearance sets the stage for viewers to know that, sooner or later, she will come to light. Bruce Wayne begins to “heal his spirit” at the end of the film. However, The Joker could potentially be poised to blow his heart to smithereens and take the hero to the darkest place he’s ever been. In fact, he could even force him to kill, if necessary, if he forces him to cross the line.

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The cinematographic landscape has accustomed us to sequels becoming narratively darker. The dark knight laid a solid foundation batman could also use. However, movies like The Empire Strikes Back or The Godfather: Part IIwhose Michael Corleone inspired Robert Pattinson so much, they are examples of how to lead the protagonists in the sequels down a path full of pain, loss and reflection. In this film we have seen what could lead the hero down such a dark path. When selina kyle finds himself in danger, Bruce lunges at his attacker and nearly beats him to death. In fact, he might have. James Gordon I wouldn’t have stopped him.

Perhaps the key is Catwoman… Perhaps the key has always been love.

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