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Expectations for The Batman in China sink. Warner’s premiere in the Asian giant will not be as expected. A shame…

As reported The Hollywood Reporterthe premiere of batman in China it’s not going to be exactly like Warner Bros. Pictures I expected. As American and European theaters began to return to some sort of normalcy, an outbreak of coronavirus has hit two-thirds of Chinese provinces and plunged the film industry. It is estimated that approximately thirty percent of movie theaters in China were temporarily closed last week. The most affected regions are Shanghai and Shenzhen, important population centers for the box office of DC Comics.

Box office analysts eagerly awaited the release of batman in China. It is scheduled for this Friday, March 18, and the estimates were quite positive. However, a source close to the film Matt Reeves has assured The Hollywood Reporter that the latest monitoring by Warner Bros. Pictures suggests a very poor opening. A radically unexpected premiere, with much lower figures than expected. There is talk of a premiere of between 15 or 20 million dollars. The previously talked about range even exceeded 30 million in its first weekend.

The most pessimistic view speaks of only 7.5 million in its Asian premiere

«Our most optimistic assessment is that Warner Bros. Pictures will be lucky if The Batman opens above $15.7 million in the Chinese market.“explained James Li, co-founder of Fanink, a Beijing-based film industry market research firm. James Li has been tracking precisely the film of Robert Pattinson. «The more pessimistic side might not reach half of that figure. There are four first-tier cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen) hit by the coronavirus. These are the main markets where Chinese moviegoers tend to be most pro-Hollywood. Half of those markets are currently closed«.

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As you can see, things are not looking good for the premiere of batman in China. In the US domestic section, the tape of the Bat Man has already obtained 245 million dollars. Worldwide it is very close to exceeding 500 million. The potential and the hope of breaking the barrier of 1,000 million or staying close to them passed through China. Now the situation has taken a radical turn of events. We will see how the tour of the film finally ends…

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