'The power of the dog'

Voting is now closed, so as they say: the die is cast. The Hollywood film industry is already preparing for its big night. On Sunday, March 27, the 2022 Oscars gala will take place at the Dolby Theater, and in recent days we have had surprises that have put the most interesting race in its final stretch. Will we get to see how ‘CODA: The Sounds of Silence’ overtakes the other nine competitors and wins the grand prize of the night?

We go to the bookmakers to find out what those who are willing to put money with their predictions think will happen at the ceremony (for, they hope, to recover the investment with profits). In the interpretive categories the thing is quite clear. In our country, Sportium users give victory to Jessica Chastain and Will Smith, although the protagonist of ‘The eyes of Tammy Faye’ is the one that sweeps the Best Actress with 97% of the bets. Penélope Cruz is the last in her category, while Javier Bardem is second behind Smith in Best Actor, yes, with 13% compared to 75% of the protagonist of ‘The Williams Method’. Outside of our country, Vegas Insider also notes that the odds favor Chastain and Smith, followed by Nicole Kidman and Benedict Cumberbatch. Both Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem occupy the last positions. As one of the two wins and someone has bet on them, they will become very rich. However, Prestigious media such as Variety or Deadline have published their latest predictions and give the protagonist of ‘Parallel Mothers’ as the winner. Let’s not take revenge on them because they are only a very small representation of the voters, but hope is the last thing that is lost.

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In the categories of Best Actor and Supporting Actress, the bets are clear: They will be for Troy Kotsur and Ariana DeBose. And in Best Direction Jane Campion also sweeps, followed, but far, by Steven Spielberg.

‘CODA’ is already on the heels of ‘The power of the dog’

But let’s go with Best Picture, where right now anything can happen. The photo finish is going to be, from what is intuited, between ‘The power of the dog’ and ‘CODA’. In Spain, Sportium points out that 75% of its users have opted for ‘The power of the dog’. ‘CODA’ would be second, quite close, and further away we would have ‘Belfast’ in third position. Across the pond, Vegas Insider points out that the bets would go in the same vein as here. However, the difference is getting smaller (in February ‘CODA’ was fifth and tied with ‘The Williams method’) and it is possible that in the last hours before the gala we will have a sorpasso in bets on the Sian Heder film. Odds Checker points out that the most popular bets at the moment are for ‘CODA’, for Penelope Cruz and for ‘The Worst Person in the World’ for Best Original Screenplay. Returning to Best Picture, the nominee least supported by the bets is ‘The alley of lost souls’followed by ‘Drive My Car’.

The Oscars gala returns to the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday March 27.


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