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Although the first just won six Oscars, they promise that Dune 2 will be a much bigger movie than its predecessor.

fans of Arrakis should prepare their belts because, according to the cinematographer Greig Fraser, Dunes 2 It’s going to have a much bigger story than the first movie. The franchise led by Denis Villeneuve Can’t complain, really. During the ceremony of oscars 2022in which Will Smith he slapped the presenter Chris Rock, the first installment won up to six statuettes. You can check the list of winners at this link, by the way. All of them were technical, which says a lot about the greatness of the adaptation. However, Dunes 2 will continue to explore the worlds of Frank Herbert and it will do so with inordinate ambition, as promised.

“The second part is much bigger and much better”, Greig Fraser promised about the long-awaited sequel

The expectation for Dunes 2 is very high right now. More if possible, taking into account its success in the most prestigious awards in the film industry. Precisely, speaking behind the scenes during the Oscars ceremony, and after winning the award for Best Photography, Greig Frase spoke with Entertainment Weekly and previewed what we could expect from the sequel. Obviously, he didn’t do any spoilers about it. But he did share his reaction to reading the script, as well as the experience of the first meetings with Denis Villeneuve and the other creatives of Dunes 2:

«I have been trained by Lucasfilm not to reveal any scoops. I can tell you that this story is much bigger than the first one. I have read the script and I am really impressed, more than I was with the first part. I am much more excited. I met with Denis Villeneuve, production designer Patrice Vermette, and Paul Lambert the other day at Denis’ house. We talked about Dune 2, I turned to Denis and said I couldn’t believe these people paid for us to do this. It’s ridiculous! We get paid to make these movies, which are so exciting and amazing. I can assure you that the second part is much bigger and better«.

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