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Those responsible for animated films have been offended because they believe that the Academy does not treat them with enough respect.

Although the Oscar Awards Gala 2022 will always be remembered for the controversy of Will Smith with the presenter Chris Rock, more things happened. Since many responsible for animation cinema are frustrated with the way the event portrayed this genre.

the actresses Lily James, Naomi Scott and Halle Bailey awarded the prize to Best Animated Feature that won Charm. They commented on how they had the privilege of interpreting the princesses of DisneyWhat Cinderella (LillyJames), Jasmin (Naomi Scott) and Ariel (Halle Bailey), but they also hinted that only children enjoy animated movies. What sparked the controversy.

We have compiled some reactions that we have read on social networks:

  • Seriously, they made the Oscar hostesses come out tonight and say that animated film is something kids enjoy and adults have to put up with. Also Amy Schumer said: The only one I’ve seen is Charm for my son. It’s the same every year, the disrespect has to stop. It is a means to RESPECT IT.
  • The Oscars painting the picture of children’s animation comes as no surprise because they literally don’t give a shit about animation or take it as a serious medium. Is animation something that adults put up with? Who do you think MAKES these movies? Animation is not a burden, you are CHOOSING to be overwhelmed.
  • The general consensus is that we believe that the Oscars, and much of Hollywood, has no respect for animated film as a medium. It is still considered a genre, something that is put up with by adults and only enjoyed by children.
  • The animation that wants the respect of the live-action peers at the Oscars is the reality that isn’t shown in recent generational trauma movies like Charm and Red. We’ll never be good enough no matter what we do and they’ll never apologize for the trauma they caused us.
  • We need more specific categories for animation films, such as best animated sequence or best animation director. Or just having the current categories more open to other artistic mediums, specifically animation. Japan and France seem to be right with their vision of animation, they respect it more as a medium.
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