DC Comics movies and series on HBO Max

HBO Max has released an online trailer celebrating the presence of 12 DC Comics movies and series in its streaming catalog.

The platform hbo max Has published a 57-second trailer celebrating hosting in their catalog of 12 DC Comics movies and series. Actually, some of them are not yet, but they will be soon. In the short term future. They have accompanied this publication by DC Extended Universe with the following message. «Every hero needs a place to call home«. The phrase appears between the images of the films and concludes with a categorical slogan. «DC’s home of broadcasting«.

Lead the way for DC Comics in HBO Max the film batmanthe movie of Robert Pattinson. It is the last big theatrical release of Warner Bros. Pictures. The film will be released in domestic format next June, but it is expected to be available in the streaming catalog later this month.

After her, three other important films of the DCEU appear. We can see the man of steel, Wonder Woman 1984 and the first installment of Shazam. Then we have a quintet of television series in which he appears The Doom Patrolthe animated series harley quinnthe project of Pennyworththe animation of Young Justice and the controversy titans. All DC Comics products that you can enjoy on HBO Max.

A very promising future for the DCEU!

Although we are talking about different universes, the DC Comics stories produced by Warner Bros. Pictures are growing little by little. Every year we have new products. Some of those projects are added to the so-called DCEU on a regular basis, first in theaters and then on HBO Max. But there are also animated series, such as those mentioned harley quinn and Young Justice. The studio owns a massive amount of superhero content. And more that it will have in the coming years, with all the projects confirmed, either in pre-production or directly filming.

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