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Alexander Skarsgård is about to release ‘The Man from the North’, a historical epic by Robert Eggers (‘The Witch’) where he puts himself in the shoes of a Viking who embarks on a tragic journey of violence and revenge in Icelandic lands. The Swedish actor, winner of the Emmy for ‘Big Little Lies’, is in a good professional moment, but according to him he has revealed, he did not always have the facilities that he has now to find interesting roles.

It was during an interview with The Sunday Timesin which Skarsgård recalls how at the beginning of his career, being classified as a sexy man hurt him when it came to getting job opportunities.

“I don’t know if that was really the reason why I didn’t get roles”says the interpreter “When I started in Sweden, there was a lot of talk about being tall and blonde. But most people here are tall and blonde. Still, after my first job, they put me on some stupid ‘sexiest dudes’ list and then people started not taking me seriously.

Skarsgård laments that his physical appearance overshadowed his work as an actor and led to him not being offered the roles he wanted. And it is that, although he does not seem to have ever had a problem with nudity on screen, he does think that, taking his first steps, he did not help him. In his words, “If you want to play characters with depth, but you have been classified as ‘a guy who takes off his shirt’they are not going to make you those offers”. The actor worked in Sweden for more than a decade and made the leap to Hollywood, where after participating in several films, he became famous worldwide playing the vampire Eric in the HBO series ‘True Blood’. character who, curiously, often appeared partially or completely naked.

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The (shirtless) man from the north

And in ‘The Northman’ we will see him show off his physique again, giving life to Amleth, a figure from the Scandinavian medieval legend who inspired the story of ‘Hamlet’, by William Shakespeare. In the film, Skarsgård displays an even more impressive physical transformation than the one he underwent for ‘The Legend of Tarzan’where we could also see him with little clothing throughout the footage.

But this time, his physique is a work tool and not a simple claim for the audience. This has been expressed by Eggers and his co-stars, who praise the interpreter for his dedication and dedication to his character. According to actor Ralph Ineson (via NME), Alexander turned into “a beast”and adds: “You see him shirtless and you think, ‘My God, that’s not a bodybuilder doing a scene, that’s a totally serious actor!”.

‘The Northman’ premieres in theaters april 22.

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