Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been the most popular and intriguing in Hollywood in recent years. It started in 2018 when Heard wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post and was quoted by The Sun as calling out Depp. “abuser”. He denounced the media for defamation and that trial ended up becoming a lawsuit to determine whether or not Depp had hit his partner. The judge ruled in November 2020 in favor of The Sun stating that what of “women beater” was “substantially truthful” and that “He was guilty, on overwhelming evidence, of serious domestic violence against his then-wife, causing significant injury and leaving her in fear for her life.” Depp wanted to appeal the ruling, but the Court of Appeals did not allow it, ratifying the sentence. Depp then lost his role in ‘Fantastic Animals: Dumbledore’s Secrets’, although he was later signed to play Louis XV of France and received the Donostia Prize.

After the morbidity generated, Discovery + launched a documentary entitled ‘Johnny vs. Amber’, but even sooner we can satisfy our curiosity (if we still have it) as the entire trial will be telecast on Court TV. In a statement, the head of the chain explained the decision: “Court cases that are as notorious as this one often create a lot of noise, and it can be difficult for viewers to overcome these distractions and get a clear picture of the events, but that’s where we come in. […] Court TV will be the true source for an unbiased, middle-of-the-road perspective on the trial as it unfolds.”

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the war continues

Although Depp cannot appeal that judgment, the war between the two actors has not ended here and in a few days, on April 11, they will face each other again in court. In addition to denouncing The Sun, Depp sued Heard for defamation in the United States for the Washington Post column that started it all, although it did not directly mention the name of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor. Depp asks for a compensation of 50 million and affirms that the abuser is her, who has countersued him for twice the money. In this confrontation, his partner from ‘Aquaman’, Jason Momoa, as well as James Wan, his director, are called to testify in favor of Heard; also James Franco, Elon Musk, the artist Ellen Barkin and Paul Bettany, who exchanged messages with Depp in which he proposed burning Heard alive and having sex with her “burnt corpse”. Messages sent to JK Rowling and Jack White will also be read.

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