Joy Behar Suggests Paying Fox News Viewers to Watch 'The View' and CNN to 'Get Smarter'

“The View” hosts were particularly on edge Wednesday morning, and by midshow they erupted into an all-out yelling match. This time, the topic of discussion was US immigration policy.

As the women discussed the topic, guest host and former Trump White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham noted that, because she lived in Arizona for two decades, she doesn’t believe the US should have open borders.

“In the previous administration — I’ll just say it that way — we had a zero tolerance, ‘You need to go back, and you need to come into this country legally,’ which I agree with,” Grisham said. “I think that this country, mostly, agrees that Dreamers need a path to citizenship. People are welcome here with open arms, as long as they come here legally. But when people are just able to cross the borders willy-nilly, there’s also a criminal element.”

Host Sunny Hostin pressed Grisham on exactly what she meant by “open border policies” and eventually called out Grisham’s response altogether.

“There are laws in place, everyone, OK?” Hosting shot back. “And under US law, a refugee is a person who’s unable to or unwilling to return to his home country because of various reasons. In this country, once you enter the country, you have a right. A legal right because of our Constitution, because of the strength of our laws, to ask for asylum.”

At that point, moderator Whoopi Goldberg chimed in to ask whether it mattered if those refugees entered with documentation or not, to which Sunny replied that it doesn’t.

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“And so when you say they’re coming in illegally, I take umbrage to that, especially because 14,000 Haitians were expelled under the Biden administration,” Hostin continued. “Especially because 76,000 Afghans were welcomed to this country, which they should have been. And because this administration is willing to take over 100,000 Ukrainians, which I should. So it seems to me that the law is OK for some people, but not OK for people that look like me.”

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Whoopi then chimed in once more, adding “and me.” But Grisham pushed back on Sunny’s rebuttal of her, calling her of her claims “low-hanging fruit.”

“There are bad people who are also coming into our country,” Grisham maintained. “China, knowing our borders are opening, will now have fentanyl coming across the borders like crazy, and 100,000 people a day…”

At that, host Joy Behar cut her off, exclaiming “Why does this sound like Fox News?” Grisham got even more frustrated then, as the women began to yell over each other. Eventually, Grisham frustratedly yelled out “Can I finish?”

Eventually, Behar called out her problems with Grisham’s words directly.

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“The anecdotal evidence that you gave, that some of these people are bringing fentanyl and all this other, you don’t say that about Ukrainians. You don’t say it about Western Europeans,” Behar said.

Watch video of the segment below.

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