A racist controversy had arisen with a Doctor Strange 2 Funko. Now, luckily, Marvel Studios has solved the problem.

At the beginning of last March, funko revealed its line of figures with the characters of Doc Strange 2. The event, as usual, revolutionized social networks. After all, these figures are highly demanded in the market. I was excited to meet them. However, the movie Marvel Studios had to face a racist controversy. One of the Funko’s Doc Strange 2 was the one from America Chavezcharacter played by actress Xochitl Gomez. Until then, all good. However, the presentation of America Chavez’s Funko was not exactly… very successful.

The racist controversy came to light. The America Chavez Funko in Doc Strange 2 it had suffered a more than evident whitening. What the Americans have called “whitewashing.” The racist controversy surrounding the aftermath of the Sorcerer Supreme It didn’t take long for it to explode. Social networks charged against the company for having adapted the Marvel character in this way, one of the great novelties of the MCU Phase 4 which will be featured on the tape sam raimi. Fortunately, the study and the company have already solved this racist controversy with an important update.

The great change suffered by the figure of América Chávez

as they have collected Entertainment Earththey have already solved the racist controversy with America Chavez’s Funko in Doc Strange 2. This is the great change that the merchandising of the Marvel Studios film has undergone to go from Xóchitl Gómez’s obvious “whitewashing” to a more than correct adaptation of how the character and actress look on the big screen:

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Controversy with the Funko of Doctor Strange 2 (Marvel Studios)

What do you think of all this? The truth is that the figure looked terribly adapted before the change. Not surprisingly, people on social media were screaming their heads off…

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