The Batman post-credits scene

The Matt Reeves movie The Batman contains many hidden details. This was unknown… but now it has been revealed and confirmed!

Director of batman, Matt Reeves, has confirmed a detail impossible to capture. is a reference to Enigma (Paul Dano) which takes place in one of the first scenes of the film. The new movie of Bat Man offered a vision not to go and detective of the hero of DC Comics. Robert Pattinson he put himself in the shoes of the vigilante bat in his second year fighting crime in Gotham City. batman was inspired by such acclaimed comics as The Long Halloween either Year one and achieved a spectacular debut that has raised more than 750 million worldwide.

Enigma’s surprise was always there for everyone to see!

Matt Reeves has used social networks to confirm a particularly interesting detail. This has to do directly with the mystery of Enigma. Apparently, it was settled from the start! In response to a viewer, the director of batman has confirmed that Paul Dano’s villain can be seen in a small lighted window across from the iceberg room. This shot takes place at minute 31 of the film. The filmmaker confirmed one hundred percent that the mysterious figure was Enigma. Check out the tweet!

This scene from batman takes place shortly after Bruce Wayne’s first encounter with The Penguin (Colin Farrell) Y Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz). Surprisingly, it’s a very early preview of the biggest reveal of the final act, the climax of the film. And it is that much later it is discovered that Enigma has always waited in a building in front of the Penguin’s lair and carmine falcon. Tremendous! What was an amazing plot twist, that caught us all “off guard”, it turns out that it had always been there, from the first minutes of a long, long, hard and heavy film. Amazing!

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batman is now available to view on hbo maxin 4K UHD quality and up to IMAX.

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