New CNN Boss Is Quitting Twitter: 'It Can Skew What's Really Important'

CNN’s John Berman ended up in the hospital while running the Boston Marathon on Monday.

The anchor shared on Instagram that he is recovering now, but he doesn’t remember many of the details surrounding his apparent medical emergency.

“So apparently I had 25 GREAT miles…I say apparently because it seems I took a bit of a detour to the medical tent…and then the hospital,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself in a hospital bed. “I don’t exactly remember what happened…but I am doing MUCH better now. Back to work soon!”

Berman was excited to be running the marathon and even FaceTimed in to the show from the car on his way to the race. In the comments of his post about him, several of his colleagues wished him well.

“Pal – you just alarmed the heck out of me. I’m glad you are feeling better, but please know how much I hate to hear you fell out that way,” wrote CNN broadcaster Tom Foreman. “Thinking of you, my friend.”

Berman ran for Team Beans, an organization that is raising money for children’s cancer research in the name of Francesca ‘Beans’ Kaczynski, who was the daughter of CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski. Francesca died at 9 months old.

Following Berman’s hospital scare, Kaczynski also wished him well. “John, we’re so glad that you’re doing OK! Thank you so much for running for team beans!” he wrote.

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