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The Blumhouse-produced Dracula project is going down the drain in a shocking twist… just days before shooting begins!

The new movie of dracula produced by blumhouse Y Miramax has been officially canceled just three weeks before filming begins. The title of the provisional film was Harker Mine and it was planned that he would reinvent the gothic novel of bram stoker with a modern vision. The idea was to focus on the female lead and love interest of Dracula. In the past, this character was played by actresses of the stature of Winona Ryder (stranger things). The new version of the well-known story was in charge of the director karyn kusama (The Invitation). The titular heroine was to be played by Jasmine Cephas joneswinner of the Emmy Award.

As reported dead line exclusively, the production of Harker Mine has been definitively cancelled. The news comes just a few weeks after filming began. The Dracula movie was in full production. The script had already been written by Phil Hay Y Manfredi. The legendary character was going to have the nickname of Vladimir in this modern update. According to reports from Deadline, members of the Blumhouse film crew were only informed a few hours before news of the film’s cancellation broke. Miramax is said to have dropped out of the project due to “creative differences with the filmmaker.”

Blumhouse goes ahead with his other horror projects

While news of the movie’s cancellation will upset many horror movie fans, at least Harker Mine is not the only adaptation of Dracula that we have in the air. A few weeks ago we showed it to you. Nicolas Cage has recently finished filming his version of the classic monster. The spin-off is titled Renfield and focuses on the vampire’s servant. On the other hand, Blumhouse will continue with other projects, such as the reboot of The thing and the new version of The werewolf starring Ryan Gosling. Maybe Harker Mine no luck. But, at least, the future of terror is assured.

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