After ‘Dune’ and ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’, Jason Momoa could continue to expand his collaboration with Warner Bros. with ‘Minecraft, the film adaptation of the video game that the studio has been preparing for years. According to dead linethe negotiations with the actor have just begun, but the film has been associated with a director, screenwriters and even a synopsis for some time.

Behind the scenes will be Jared Hess (‘Napoleon Dynamite’, ‘Super Nacho’) after the departure of Peter Sollett (‘Nick and Norah, a night of music and love’) and before Shawn Levy. The adaptation will be handled by Chris Bowman and Hubbell Palmer (‘De-criminal minds’). Regarding the plot that the Swedish developer Mojang published in 2019, we know that the story will take us to the cubic Overworld, where A teenage girl and her group of adventurers will have to go on a journey to defeat the Ender Dragon and save their world. However, it was then announced that it would be released on March 4, 2022, and it’s April and production hasn’t even started yet, so the focus could also change significantly.

The video game, released in 2011, instantly became a worldwide hit. In it, players can create their own world using 3D colored blocks by mining materials and crafting items. Last year, in 2021, it reached 140 million monthly players worldwide.

But before

Even before ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’, which hits theaters after delays on March 17, 2023, We may see Momoa on the big screen in ‘The Last Manhunt’, whose script he also signs, and on Netflix in ‘Slumberland, both already in post-production. She will later shoot ‘Fast & Furious 10’ and it is rumored that she will also sign for ‘Cliffhanger’, directed by Ana Lily Amirpour with a script by Sascha Penn.

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