Jason Momoa in Minecraft

The Minecraft movie will star Jason Momoa. The Aquaman actor joins this adaptation of the famous video game.

As reported The Anklerthe protagonist of Aquaman Y dunes, Jason Momoais in negotiations to star in the film Minecraft that produces Warner Bros. Pictures. The report indicates that the studio is hopeful that this first adaptation of the famous video game will become a new film franchise. Jared Hess (napoleon dynamite) will be the director of the film and allison schroeder (hidden figures), the screenwriter. The project has been written for three years.

The film rights of Minecraft owned by Warner Bros. Pictures expire in just nine months. To retain those rights, the studio must be in active production with the animated film scheduled for January 2023. This would be the third time Jason Momoa would voice an animated character. the old khal drug from Game of Thrones lent his voice in The LEGO Movie 2. She also participated in an episode of The Simpson in 2019. In both cases, he gave life to Aquaman.

The franchise has all the ingredients to succeed

While Warner Bros. Pictures owns quite a few intellectual properties and franchises, the studio is aware that Minecraft could be a winning lottery ticket. A goose that lays the golden eggs. If Jason Momoa’s film is completed as the success it seems, if it imitates the success of the video game, the studio will hit the table with a portentous saga.

From January 2021, Minecraft It has 131 million active users per month and has sold more than 200 million copies of the video game. The fandom is incredibly engaged, as the 8-bit styled open world game has amassed an unsurpassed 68 million years of total gameplay across the globe and with all of its players.

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