Julia Roberts and George Clooney

Among the names that first come to mind when we think of romantic comedy, and even more so if we talk about romantic comedy in the 90s, there is no doubt that of Julia Roberts. The American actress has made a name for herself in the industry known as rom-com (“romantic-comedy”) thanks to movies like ‘Pretty Woman, ‘Runaway Bride’, ‘Notting Hill’ or ‘My best friend’s wedding’.

Nevertheless, Roberts left for a time the genre that made her so popular and delved into somewhat different roles. in more or less successful projects such as ‘August’, ‘Snow White (Mirror Mirror)’, the kidnapping thriller ‘Money Monster’ or the emotional ‘Wonder’. Now, with the upcoming release this year of her new romantic comedy, ‘Ticket to Paradise,’ in which she stars alongside George Clooney, Julia Roberts has revealed in an interview in the New York Times the reason why she has been 20 years away from the rom com.

If I had read something that I thought was on the level of the script for ‘Notting Hill’ or the fun of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’, I would have.. Apparently, the scarcity of good scripts would later be added the time Roberts spends with his three children. “That raises the bar even higher because then it’s not just ‘Is this material any good?’ There is also the mathematical equation of my husband’s work schedule and the children’s school schedule and summer vacation. It’s not just “Oh, I think I want to do this.” I feel very proud to be at home with my family and consider myself a housewife.”

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The actress has carefully balanced personal and professional life: “For much of my children’s younger lives, they would watch their father walk away and I would work a little bit, but they hardly even noticed. It was like I only left when they were napping or something.. But as they get older, and in particular with my daughter, I have a sense of responsibility to show my children that I can be creative and that is important to meso significant that for periods of time I choose to focus on it almost more than my family, which has been difficult to accept.”

Tailored for paper

Regarding the role of his co-star in ‘Ticket to Paradise’, Roberts commented that “It would only work if it was George Clooney. In fact, George felt it would only work on me. Somehow, we are both capable of it, and there we went.”

Roberts’ return to romantic comedies could not have been more fulfilling for the actresswho commented during the interview that I love to laugh and be funny. you walk in [al hacer una rom-com] in that mood where the endorphins go off when you’re witty and people go, “Oh!” So that becomes an automatic thing where you’re always thinking about having fun.”

Despite suffering some problems during filming, ‘Ticket to Paradise’ is scheduled to hit theaters in the United States on October 21 of this year.


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