Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios)

Where and how does Kevin Feige work? Marvel Studios reveals what the brutal office of the president and creator of the cinematic universe is like.

The marketing of Thor: Love and Thunder began yesterday after the publication of the first official trailer. Now the executive Disney, asad ayazshared a glimpse inside the office of the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feig. The office is located in the complex of Walt Disney Studiosin Burbank, California.

In this image that we share you can see several very curious elements. First of all is a folding chair with Kevin Feige’s name on the back, probably used on the various Marvel Studios sets he visits. Next, there is a life-size bust of the helmet of Hombre de Hierro signed by Robert Downey Jr. This helmet belongs to the «Mark III». At the top, there is a hat Avengers: Infinity War and a helmet Ant Man stacked right on top.

Hanging on the coat rack, we see a hoodie that encompasses the entire Infinity Saga. On the left, a huge statue of the first original Iron Man suit. The start of it all. What do you think of Kevin Feige’s office at Marvel Studios? We found it amazing!

The success of one man has been the success of an entire universe

The amount of projects that Kevin Feige has to supervise is spectacular. It is a true miracle that the president of Marvel Studios has not exploded with stress. His office is a representation not only of his success, but also of the history of the MCU. Everything is chosen with intelligence, from the baseball cap that he always wears to the presence of Iron Man and the prominence of the Infinity Saga.

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Perhaps the only element that we have missed in this image of Kevin Feige’s office is the Infinity Gauntlet. The presence of Thanos is as or more important than that of the great heroes of Marvel Studios. It’s weird that I don’t have a few Infinity Gems kept in the drawer.

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