Thor: Love and Thunder

They have already released the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder and there could be a character that they have deleted from some scenes to keep it a secret.

There’s something in the trailer Thor: Love and Thunder that does not fit at all. Since if we review the cinema of Taika Waititi, is usually quite obsessed with the composition of the scenes. Him giving a lot of weight in the center of the image where he places the main characters. A very clear example is Thor: Ragnarökwhere he God of Thunder he is always in a very compensated space, especially when he puts important postures. While, if you share a screen, the distribution is usually very harmonious. Here are some screenshots of that movie that premiered in 2017.

Thor: Ragnarök
Thor: Ragnarök

Now Taika Waititi has directed the film Thor: Love and Thunder and we have already seen the trailer, so this new installment of Marvel Studios should follow the style of the director. That is why it is not understood that there are a couple of moments that the image is composed, leaving a lot of space in a place where a character would fit perfectly, unless it has been eliminated so as not to reveal many surprises. Here we leave the images:

Thor: Love and Thunder
Trailer of the new installment of Marvel Studios

Which character could they be hiding?

Thor: Love and Thunder could introduce several very interesting heroes. The first is Beta Ray Billa version of Thor with a horse face that already had a small reference in Thor: Ragnarök as his face was carved in the Sakaar battle arena. another could be Hercules, something that has also been rumored and since Olympus and Zeus appear, his son could perfectly be in the movie. There are other options like that Valkyrie gets bored with diplomacy and leaves New Asgard to adventure with them or else Jane Foster obtain the power of Mjölnir sooner than expected and share many battles with the rest of the heroes.

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The movie Thor: Love and Thunder will be released on July 8, 2022. While we wait, you can see the rest of the installments of Marvel Studios in Disney Plus.

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