Streets of Rage

After the success of Sonic, a new video game will hit the big screen, this time it will be Streets of Rage.

In SEGA they are aware that if they make a good adaptation of a video game, success is guaranteed. Since they have shown that they are capable of blowing up the box office with sonic 1 and 2so now they want to do the same with street of rage. Although they will probably lose the children’s audience, since they want it to be a movie style John Wick.

Derek Kolstadresponsible for the scripts of the saga John Wickthe Serie Splinter Cell and the movie No one, will be in charge of this story. So it bodes well, as he has great success with intense action movies. Something for which the video game is distinguished street of rage.

What was the video game about?

street of rage is the classic game of going down the street defeating villains, that is, of the genre beat ’em up and was published in 1991 for Sega-Genesis. Surely following the success of Double-Dragon from 1987. There are up to 4 games of this saga, the last one went on sale in 2020.

The story centers on a city that was once a happy and peaceful place. But then an evil secret organization arrived and quickly took control of the politicians and the police. Therefore, that city has become a very dangerous place where no one is safe. But three young cops have set their sights on cleaning up the city, they are Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding.

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So the player of street of rage You must choose one of these characters and face all kinds of rivals through the streets until you reach the great villain called Mr X.

You have to remember that they tried to do the same with Double-Dragon in 1994 and the result was a bit disastrous, since that film directed by James Yukich and starring Robert Patrick, Mark Dacascos, Scott Wolf, Kristina Wagner Y Alyssa Milanoonly raised about 8 million dollars.

Are you looking forward to seeing an adaptation of Streets of Rage? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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