Buenas y malas noticias para quienes esperan The Flash

Actor Ezra Miller is one of the great stars of Warner Bros thanks to The Flash and the Fantastic Beasts saga and will continue to be so.

Lately Ezra Miller He is having a lot of trouble with the law, as he has been arrested twice for the most bizarre behavior. So all the alarms should go off for the film studio Warner Bros. since the actor is one of his biggest stars when playing Flash in it DCEU Already Credence in fantastic animals. But it seems that the managers are not worried about their arrests. Remember that a few years ago, a very rare video went all over the internet where the actor was seen strangling a fan and there was no consequence.

For now, Warner Bros. has refused to comment on the arrests of Ezra MillerIn addition, the actor’s representatives have not made any statement either. A few weeks ago, there were reports that Warner Bros. Y DC Movies they had held an emergency meeting in light of the actor’s multiple legal problems. However, the film studio contacted the press to discredit the information about the meeting to discuss the future of the star.

He will continue with his most important roles.

They are claiming that they want Ezra Miller What Flash be one of the leaders of DCEU, since precisely his 2023 film will significantly change the timeline. So from that moment on, the sprinter of DC Comics will be one of the great heroes next to Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and wonder-woman (Gal Gadot).

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In addition, they intend to continue Fantastic Beasts 4, which might be surprising. Since the third installment could be the last of Credence without much problem due to how the character ended up at the end of this story.

It must be recognized that Warner Bros. he is more diligent about his stars’ private lives, as he doesn’t care as much about off-screen scandals. An example like Ezra Miller it’s the director’s James Gunnsince after being fired by Disneyhe was immediately hired by them and thus was able to make the film of the suicide squad (2021).

Although, obviously everything could change if the conflicts with the law of Ezra Miller they are much more beasts.


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