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CNN reporter Clarissa Ward and her cameraman were caught in a Russian shelling attack of a residential apartment building in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, an incident caught on video while the journalists were riding along with a team of paramedics who swarm combat areas on a daily basis .

Ward and her companions were responding to reports of an injured man in an apartment building in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, where shelling attacks have lately been as reliable as the sunrise for more than nine weeks. After they arrived, Russian forces hit the building again — a strategy called a “double-tap” that’s meant to take out responding rescue workers.

Ward’s party was inside the building when it was hit a second time, though no one was injured beyond one of the paramedics who cut her hand on glass. But you can see and hear the shell rock the building in the video below:

What was surely quite a memorable day at the office for Ward was largely de rigueur for the paramedics, who start every morning by listening for incoming bombs, then fly to the sound.

“Today you were with us in the hottest place,” one told Ward when their shift was over. “You were in the oven.”


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