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Thirteen years have passed since the premiere of ‘Avatar’ broke all box office records. Now James Cameron returns to Pandora with this sequel of which we have recently found out the title, the synopsis and the first images. We also learned that the first teaser trailer for ‘Avatar: Sense of Water’ could be seen just before the premiere of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’.

The first reactions to the trailer from critics who have seen the Marvel movie at press screenings have not been long in coming. The vast majority of them flatter the visual imagery as well as its aesthetic power.a feature that drew attention in the same way in its predecessor.

“Saw the trailer for ‘Avatar: The Way Of The Water’ and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the entire movie from the master James Cameron. Ready to remind the world what 3D can do, and he just can do it.” Looking forward to December.”

“The CGI and 3D elements are great. Nothing of the plot has been revealed but it looks like a visual achievement (of course)”.

“The visuals, the new settings and planets, the new dangers, the beautiful underwater scenes, and the focus on Jake and Neytiri’s family are vibrantly displayed”.

“I’ve seen the trailer for ‘Avatar…’ 10 times and loved it every time. I can’t wait to see the entire movie in December”.

“Seen in 3D the trailer for ‘Avatar…’ which will come out before ‘Doctor Strange…’ Incredible visual effects, as expected. Pretty sure I recognized Stephen Lang (half smile). Not sure if I saw Kate Winslet. Ready”.

“I got to see the trailer for ‘Avatar…’ and it looks amazing. Seriously, some of the best visual effects I’ve ever seen. Ready for December”.

“I saw the trailer for ‘Avatar…’ in IMAX 3D and it looks stunning. It features many stunning shots of Pandora (particularly water effects) backed up by a superb score (RIP James Horner). I forgot how fascinating 3D can be when used correctly. I’m ready, James Cameron”.

“I saw the trailer for ‘Avatar…’. Not too impressed by the footage itself (I was expecting a new aesthetic that would take my breath away and give me the hype of ‘Avatar’), but the music and visuals moved me.” And they made me want to go back to that world more than I expected.”.

“The trailer for ‘Avatar…’ is absolutely amazing. The wait has been worth it with how technology has advanced. There are new characters to follow in what looks like an interesting story. Looking forward to this after that!” Watch the trailer!”.

The unanimity of the praise regarding the visual part of ‘Avatar: The sense of water’ does not surprise anyone. Its predecessor was already a pioneer in the use of 3D and took advantage of the visual power to present that whole world of science fiction. Nevertheless, despite the raised passions, many are still skeptical waiting for December and wonder if the story they tell will live up to the aesthetics and music presented in the trailer.

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back to pandora

With the characters of Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña as protagonists and waiting to meet new faces, Pandora could be pointed out as the true protagonist of the trailer. ‘Avatar: The sense of water’ is thus careful not to show too much of its history and takes the opportunity to explore the planet’s water and all the marine life that awaits in its depth. With several sequels already confirmed and dated, the film will hit theaters on December 16 this year.


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