Chris Hemsworth and training for Thor: Love and Thunder

The brutal training that Chris Hemsworth has done for Thor: Love and Thunder is amazing. It has now been revealed in a video!

Chris Hemsworth will return to Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Love and Thunder. The new film of the Asgardian god is directed by Taika Waititi and will mean the cover letter of Natalie Portman What Goddess of Thunder. However, the return of the original actor after Avengers: Endgame It will bring us a lot of details. Perhaps it is the end of the franchise as we know it, because after seeing the first official trailer we assume that there will be many changes.

However, what has never changed is Chris Hemsworth’s commitment to Marvel Studios. The actor has always been one of the most incredibly physical stars in the film industry. His preparations and training are world famous. Thor: Love and Thunder It has not been a different experience. Hemsworth has also trained brutally to reprise his role as the God of Thunder at the MCU. Now, thanks to the following video, we can take a look at his transformation. Once again, an example of professionalism, commitment and effort.

What do you think? The truth is that it is amazing. We really want to see the movie.

Will this be the actor’s last film as God of Thunder?

There’s every chance that Thor: Love and Thunder be Chris Hemsworth’s last film at Marvel Studios. The actor is one of the few of the “old guard” who are still standing. after goodbye to black widow, Captain America, Hombre de Hierro and company, there are hardly the last vestiges of the first generation of superheroes. His contract is getting higher and higher and one day we will have to fire him. In addition, there is a certain aroma of generational change with the appearance of Natalie Portman as Goddess of Thunder. And the trailer already hints at the possibility that she will hang up her arms and dedicate herself to peace.

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