Weigel Broadcasting Exec on the Return-to-Antennas Trend: 'Younger People Think It's an Illegal Hack'

As many as 25 people have tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the streamer’s gathering at LA’s Sunset Towers. Are the parties over—again?

It was, in many ways, a totally typical Hollywood party — if, that is, this was 2019.

According to more than one guest who attended Disney+’s April 27 bash — a coming out of sorts for Ayo Davis, the streamer’s new head of branded content — the gathering was “a mad scene,” with some 350 mostly maskless content creators, agents and other revelers jammed inside Los Angeles’ Sunset Towers like a tin of exceptionally well-groomed sardines. Even the long line at the valet station was a social distancing nightmare, or at least a super-spreader event for road rage, gnarling traffic on Sunset to a crawl.


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