Doctor Strange 2 (Marvel Studios)

Two days. Just two days is what Marvel Studios will need to recover what it has invested in Doctor Strange 2. Scandalous!

Everything is ready for the premiere of Doc Strange 2. The new movie of Marvel Studios arrives tomorrow in theaters, although it has already been screened in some theaters and many cinemas around the world will do a kind of preview today. However, the main course begins tomorrow, Friday. And if expectations end up being met, the study chaired by Kevin Feig the investment will rise in just a couple of days. You won’t need anything else. That’s how strong the sequel goes Sorcerer Supreme box office.

This morning we learned what the budget of the film is. Doc Strange 2 It has cost approximately 200 million dollars. Investment is pretty standard within Marvel Studios. However, the hit of the film could sound in all corners if the forecasts end up being fulfilled. Analysts as our partner TachyBox has claimed that it has all the ingredients to end up making $400 million in its global debut. Taking into account that around half of the proceeds goes to the studio (more or less, it’s the easy and simple calculation), the studio would recover the investment of the production in just a couple of days. Crazy!

Then you would have to recover the investment in promotion

However, there is a small aspect that we must highlight. In the budget of Doc Strange 2 Marketing and advertising costs have not been calculated. In fact, they have not yet transpired. It will revolve around 100 and 150 million dollars. However, this will not be a problem for Marvel Studios. If in two days you are going to recover the investment of the production, in the following days you will cover the costs of marketing and advertising without many obstacles and you will begin to earn money cleanly. A blockbuster of the stature of Spider-Man: No Way Home! We will see how his final tour ends.

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