Colbert Mocks Susan Collins for Believing Kavanaugh Wouldn't Overturn Roe: 'We Pinky Swore in My Office' (Video)

The geniuses behind “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” fake news alerts delivered another gem Wednesday night, pulling the mask off the man who on Tuesday free-climbed the 1,000-foot Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco.

But it wasn’t the 22-year-old who gave himself the nickname “Pro-Life Spider-Man” after climbing the 600-foot Aria resort hotel in Las Vegas, who made headlines tuesday for scaling the tallest building in the City by the Bay.

No, Colbert’s crew had the real story with its latest animated fake news segment through all the glory of a classic Spider-Man cartoon, revealing the culprit to be none other than Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man,” began the catchy subtitled tune set to the familiar theme song’s melody. “EndingRoe v. Wade is his plan for him.

“To get attention, he will climb,” the cartoon continued. “He has no friends and lots of time.

“Look out! It’s ‘Pro-Life Spider-Man.’”

Colbert Calls Out All the Times Right Wing SCOTUS Justices Lied About Their Roe v Wade Plans (Video)

Watch the reveal in the whole video of “The Late Show” segment below, which includes references to Kavanaugh’s infamous affinity for beer — and apparent affinity for the last vice president.

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