Amber Heard at the trial against Johnny Depp

On her second day on the stand, Amber Heard has continued to recount times when Johnny Depp assaulted her, insulted her or, in her words, made her fear for her life. The trial for defamation for which the actor demands 50 million dollars continues to become more lurid every day.

The actress accused Johnny Depp of sexually assaulting her with a bottle in the most gruesome story of the day. The event allegedly took place in the March 2015 fight during the filming of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’ in Australia, the day Johnny Depp lost part of a finger. According to Heard, her husband at the time, who was under the influence of various MDMA pills and other drugs, threatened to “kill her”hit her repeatedly, threw bottles at her and tried to drown her, in addition to putting a broken bottle around her neck. At one point, according to her, he penetrated her with a bottle. Amber Heard stated: “Johnny had a bottle inside me and he kept pushing it inside me over and over again. I remember I didn’t want to move, I didn’t know if the bottle was broken.”. He concludes that he later saw the messages “incoherent” writings on the wall in blood, the room trashed, and Johnny Depp looking like he wasn’t there when he realized a piece of his finger was missing. After that, he says that he took everything he could and left Australia. “I’ve never been more scared in my life” she said through tears.

Another of the events he recounted was the alleged fight on a private flight in May 2014, in which Depp got angry because Heard was going to work with James Franco. “It was a nightmare. He was mad at me for taking a job with James Franco. He hated James Franco and accused me of having had a thing with him in the past.”. Heard says that he realized Depp was drunk when he got on the plane, “reeked of marijuana and alcohol”. He says that her partner hurled insults at him like “slut”, “whore” or “hustler” and started throwing everything he caught while he told her that he was ashamed of her. She says that at one point she kicked him in the back to the ground and that none of the team members did anything to help her.. This fight had already come out in court days before. Keenan Wyatt, a friend of Johnny Depp, testified on her behalf saying that no such fight had occurred, but that Heard was being distant, he tried to speak up for Johnny Depp and she started yelling at him. Johnny Depp said he was not drunk but under the influence of opioids at the time.

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“I was afraid that he would die or be killed”

After recounting other alleged assaults, in which Depp broke her nose with a head butt or dragged her upstairs by grabbing her hair, Amber Heard assured that “he tried to defend himself, but he never started anything”. He also stressed again the idea that if she had not left him after all the aggression it was because “I was afraid that he would die or kill himself. I wanted to stay for the good Johnny that I wanted, so I decided to believe that it would never happen again”. He added at one point: I cared deeply for the well-being of this human being…it was very confusing and terrifying. He told me all the time that I had saved his life, that he couldn’t do this without me..

The trial will not resume until May 16. by a prior commitment of the judge handling the case. That day Amber Heard will return to the stand to face the questioning of her ex-husband’s legal team.

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