Benedict Cumberbatch in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'

A ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ “you better” be a giant movie. Benedict Cumberbatch thus underlines his expectation in the face of the public’s reaction to the sequel to his marvelite hero, a Doctor Strange less protagonist than in that film that launched him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something that has not bothered this actor. Cumberbatch is candid about a tough shoot that he “books should be written”advance very small details and protects the secret of the aforementioned sequel more than fiercely.

I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Kevin Feigeis his favorite answer to any question that comes too close to a plot full of surprises, and that he has set out to give his fans something huge. “It covers a lot but, When has Marvel not been ambitious? The viewers are the ones who will decide if we live up to expectations.”. And there is much to accomplish. After all those delays and months of promotion, there are already certain confirmations of the occasional cameo hanging around, which is why viewers wait, not only to see according to which characters, but also to see how the previous multiversal clues fit into this film that “of course” consider them all “comes with many more winks”.

“It lives up to its title: I’m literally in the multiverse of madness. There are many things that I am witnessing through my character, and that the audience will also see. This time it’s less about Doctor Strange and more about certain things that are happening around him. I think it’s a nice change in character in that respect, which has allowed me to star in some fun scenes”. Cumberbatch is delighted that ‘Doctor Strange 2’ has ended up being quite choral, something he doesn’t consider taking away from his character. “I think Doctor Strange can afford it. In this case it facilitates the introduction of another character [America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez)] and part is a movie in which many things happen. I’m very happy with the way you’ve traveled so far, and yes, in the future I definitely want to continue playing it. He is a very complex, rich and interesting character, both in the comics and in what can be seen within the MCU “.

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Cumberbatch not only believes that collaborative work with the rest of the heroes is beneficial for his character, but also has compliments for other points that he considers strong in the film. This is the case of Marvel Studios’ commitment to sign Sam Raimi when Scott Derrickson, director of the original film, dropped out of the project. “I think there’s something for every viewer in the movie, but especially fans of Marvel and Sam Raimi. It’s a superhero movie in the purest Sam Raimi style..

all very complicated

“The first time I read the script I was very confused, ‘where are we? Which Doctor Strange is he referring to?'”, assured Benedict Wong in his interview with eCartelera. Benedict Cumberbatch agrees stating that it was normal to get lost because when they started shooting they didn’t have a third act “which always complicates things”.

“On top of that, we were tying up loose ends in relation to the multiversal issues that occur in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’ We had just finished shooting that when production started on ‘Into the Multiverse of Madness,’ so we had a very tight shooting schedule. Luckily there was pretty good communication between Marvel and Sony. to be able to make sure that there was a continuation in the story, and that ‘Into the Multiverse of Madness’ fits with said film from an episodic point of view, as does ‘Scarlet Witch’. There were a lot of moments of ‘wait, if we do this, isn’t it going to affect that? and then it has repercussions on the other…’, but in the end we got it.

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Everything has been taken into account when planning ‘Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness’ so this film arrives in theaters ready to take all fans out of the street and meet their expectations. “I only hope that if we don’t manage to fulfill all of them, at least some of them”.

* ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ can be seen only in theaters from this May 6.

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