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The price of Marvel Studios movies will have an extra charge. That is, it will cost more money to go to the movies to see the appreciated UCM.

As reported Variety after talking to adam aronCEO of AMC Theaters, there will be additional charges on the prices of high-profile movies. This means that Marvel Studios will raise the price of tickets for its UCM premieres. In the same way, so will Warner Bros. Pictures with the movies of DC Comics. And the same could happen with films like Avatar: The Water Sense either Jurassic World: Dominionbeing franchise films.

Adam Aron pointed out that this strategy of Marvel Studios and others turned out to be a success. It came solely from adding a dollar to movie ticket prices. Instead of doubling it, they added a $1 charge to enjoy the superhero movies. “The price increase was a great success,” Aron said. “We looked at our market share on The Batman and we clearly did better by charging for that extra add-on. It was only a dollar. Not that we would have charged double the price. There was so much demand that people were willing to pay for it.”

We do not know if it will continue in the future, but this extra surcharge model will not arrive in Spain due to increased demand

The CEO of AMC Theaters made sure that this movement was known by viewers of Marvel Studios, DC Comics and other franchises. Transparency, in short, is key in issues like this. “It’s pretty simple,” he began to explain. “We are a publicly traded company and when you do important things, you have a duty to speak about it publicly. As a company, we rely on transparency. We do not want to hide what we are doing. We don’t want to brag about what we’re doing, but we don’t want to hide it either.”

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When asked if ticket prices would increase in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and upcoming Marvel Studios movies, Adam Aron declined to comment. However, he did warn us that we would find out about it. “The good news is that I love following the law,” he joked. “The laws in the United States do not allow me to talk about fixing prices in advance. I can only talk about pricing activity with hindsight. I cannot make any public comment. Tickets will go on sale and people will know what we’re charging.”

The positive part is that the distribution of Marvel movies and other franchise films in Spain is radically different from the United States. Therefore, we get rid of this extra charge that people are willing to pay.

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