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The East Coast Music Awards have returned to in-person festivities for the first time in three years, and the first live award show since the pandemic started saw Morgan Toney, Chloé Breault, Hillsburn and Zamani all take home awards.

Thirteen of the 23 artist-centred awards were given out in Fredericton on the evening of May 5, with five of them going to artists from Newfoundland and Labrador, three going to Nova Scotians, two each to Cape Bretoners and New Brunswickers and two going to artists. from Prince Edward Island. The remaining awards will be given out on Sunday, May 8, at the Industry Awards show.

Maestro Fresh Wes, who recently moved to Saint John, hosted the awards show, which featured special guest performances by Acadian disco queen Patsy Gallant and Lisa LeBlanc. Halifax’s Hillsburn took home both album and group recording of the year, nudging out Breault in the former category, who nonetheless took home the award for francophone recording of the year. New Brunswick’s One8tea took home rap/hip-hop recording of the year, winning over Wolf Castle and Aquakultre, while Zamani took home African Canadian artist of the year, which she also won in 2021. Morgan Toney, who recently re-released his debut album, first-flighton Ishkōdé Records, took home the award for Indigenous artist of the year.

Read the list of winners (so far) below, and check back on Sunday for an update.

African Canadian artist of the year

  • King Sway
  • Lxvndr
  • Mark Riley
  • One8tea
  • Zamani

album of the year

  • Caroline East, Soaked in Whiskey
  • Chloe Breault, Plage des morons
  • Hillsburn, slipping away
  • Kelly McMichael, waves
  • Quote the Raven, Can’t Hold the Light
  • rube&rake, Leaving With Nothing

Contemporary roots recording of the year

  • Dave Carroll, Until One Day
  • Leona Burkey, Sitting Tight
  • Nathan Wily, Modern Magic
  • Ocean Playground, Ocean Playground: Live in Halifax
  • Quote the Raven, Can’t Hold the Light

francophone recording of the year

  • Cedric Vino, maltempete
  • Chloe Breault, Plage des morons
  • Marty B. J’Feel Crazy
  • Matt Boudreau, Armageddon
  • Sluice, Le succès par le travail

indigenous artist of the year

  • Alan Syliboy & the Thundermakers
  • Blake Francis
  • morgan toney
  • Shift From Tha 902
  • Wolf Castle

Morgan Tony | Ko’jua | The Intro

Morgan Toney performs “Ko’jua” on The Intro. 4:01

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Group recording of the year

  • Hillsburn, slipping away
  • ParagonCause, autopilot
  • Quote the Raven, Can’t Hold the Light
  • Rick Sparkes + the Enablers, Pleasure in the Pathless Woods
  • The Divorces, drop of blood
  • TheTownHeroes, home

Rap/hip-hop recording of the year

  • Aquakultre x DJ Uncle Fester, Bleeding Gums Murphy
  • Atay & Jax, You Save The Moon
  • Mitchell Bailey, two3
  • one8tea, Ventilation 2
  • Wolf Castle, Da Vinci’s Inquest

rock record of the year

  • Andre Pettipas and The Giants, No Fools No Fun
  • Andrew Waite, Andrew Waite
  • Kelly McMichael, waves
  • Postscript, Twin Flames
  • TheTownHeroes, home

Solo recording of the year

  • Alicia Toner, Joan
  • Andrew Waite, Andrew Waite
  • Andy Creeggan, Andiwork IV
  • Justin Fancy, Sure Beats A Good Time
  • Laurie LeBlanc, When It’s Right It’s Right

Song of the year (at tie)

  • Elizabeth Breagh, girlfriends
  • Dylan Menzie, A Heart That Doesn’t Want Mine
  • Hillsburn, get high
  • TheTownHeroes, What in
  • Yvette Lorraine, Where Did You Go

Songwriter of the year

  • Kellie Loder
  • Paul Aarntzen
  • Postscript
  • Rube & Rake
  • The Town Heroes

Fans’ Choice Entertainer of the Year

  • adyn townes
  • Andrew Waite
  • Christine Martin
  • Hillsburn
  • jimmy rankin
  • justin fancy
  • Kellie Loder
  • Lennie Gallant
  • neon dreams
  • rich aucoin
  • T Thomason
  • The Town Heroes

Fans’ Choice video of the year

  • Andrew Waite, Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That (Director: Brendan Henry)
  • Elizabeth Breagh, girlfriends (Director: Tamara Black)
  • Dave Samson, All My Friends (Director: Ryker Titus)
  • HotMondy, Pale Ember (Director: Brad Tobler)
  • Mallory Johnson and Twin Kennedy, wise woman (Director: Cecil Johnson)
  • neon dreams, Say It Out Loud (Feat. Mthandazo Gatya) (Director: Kyle White)
  • Pineo & Loeb, Good Vibe Feeling (Director: Gabe Roy)
  • Rachel Beck, dizzy (Director: Rachel Beck and Savannah Belsher-MacLean)
  • Saint John String Quartet, Saint John String Quartet | Northwest Passage (Director: Lauchlan Ough)
  • Yvette Lorraine, Where Did You Go (Director: Loggo Lionel)
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blues record of the year

  • Beauwater, Who Works For Who?
  • Campbell & Johnson, Campbell & Johnston’s Black Market Band
  • Jon Hines, Down To Funk (DTF)
  • J. P. LeBlanc, Late All Day
  • Wayne Nicholson and John Campbelljohn, Elmore’s Blues

Children’s entertainer of the year

  • dr g
  • Dr Zoo
  • Gordie Crazylegs MacKeeman
  • silly robbie
  • Sue McBride

classical composer of the year

  • Adam Vincent Clarke
  • Amy Brandon
  • Clifford Crawley
  • Grej
  • Monica Pierce

Classical recording of the year

  • Daniel Cabena and Stephen Runge, A Sanctuary in Song
  • Mark Fewer, Rossini: 6 Sonate A Quattro
  • Maureen Batt & Grej, light house
  • SarahHagen, Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations
  • Steve Cowan and Adam Cicchillitti, Intimate Impressions

country recording of the year

  • Caroline East, Soaked in Whiskey
  • Charlie A’Court & Witchitaw, When Country Gets The Blues
  • Justin Fancy, Sure Beats A Good Time
  • Scott Mackay, stupid cupid
  • The Divorces, drop of blood

Dance-recording of the year

  • Alex Byrne, “Wanna be the One” feat. Tim Dee
  • Cloverdale & FWLR, old-school
  • Joel Freck, “Dawn” feat. maryn
  • Kinley, “Run With You (Lee Rosevere Remix)”
  • Pineo & Loeb, Good Vibe Feeling

Electronic recording of the year

  • DenMother, Frantic Ram
  • Lazermortis, Autonetic Afterlife
  • LXVNDR, Warmth
  • ParagonCause, autopilot
  • Virginia Fudge, All These Little Games

folk recording of the year

  • Daniel James McFadyen August, I’m Yours
  • Mo Kenney, covers
  • Rosemary Lawton, Canvas
  • Terra Spencer, Chasing Rabbits
  • The Gilbert’s, tell me

Global recording of the year

  • Ana & Eric Hope, Ana & Eric
  • Andy Creeggan, Andiwork IV
  • king sway, daydreaming
  • Weak Size Fish, The Drift

Inspirational recording of the year

  • Becka deHaan, Calming Trust and Coming King
  • Lewisville Worship, Amid the Winter Snow
  • Mark Flowerdew, let’s go
  • Matt Linton, Do You Know How It Feels
  • Morgan Tony, first-flight

Instrumental recording of the year

  • Andy Creeggan, Andiwork IV
  • David Myles, That Tall Distance
  • Duane Andrews, Singles
  • blackwood, lost and found
  • SamWilson, Into a Heart Part II

jazz record of the year

  • Beth McKenna, Beyond Here
  • Measha Brueggergosman, Measha Jazz
  • blackwood, lost and found
  • Steve Amirault, Montreal Jazz Trio
  • The Vesuvius Big Band, Live at Open Waters Festival

Loud recording of the year

  • botfly, Lower Than Love
  • hemineglect, Is Obsolete
  • rootabagga, Abby Regular
  • Six Gun Smoke, Six Gun Smoke
  • War&Sin, The War Within

pop record of the year

  • Brandon HowardRoy Tough Stuff
  • Chloe Breault, Plage des morons
  • Hillsburn, slipping away
  • kincrew, I Swear Im Okay
  • Levi Rowan, Self Loathing Narcissist

R&B/soul recording of the year

  • Janet Cull, hear it
  • LauraRoy, tides
  • LoganRichard, logan richard
  • Mark Riley, one-step
  • Zamani, Selfish

Rising star recording of the year

  • Alicia Toner, Joan
  • burry, Yellow Paint
  • Kelly McMichael, waves
  • Morgan Tony, first-flight
  • ParagonCause, autopilot

Roots/traditional recording of the year

  • Adam Young, yearbook
  • Brad Reed, new scotland
  • Choeur virtuel de l’Acadie, Our Music Season 1
  • The LeBlanc Family, Trois jolies demoiselles
  • Sean McCann, Shantyman

Innovative artist of the year

  • Choeur virtuel de l’Acadie
  • Keith Mullins
  • Mallory Johnson
  • Silver Wolf Band
  • T. Thomason & Katie Clarke
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producer of the year

  • Chris Iannetti
  • Chris Kirby
  • Corey LeRue
  • Erin Costello
  • John Mullane (Future Dad)

Studio engineer of the year

  • Chris Iannetti
  • John Mullane (Future Dad)
  • Mike (Sheppy) Shepherd
  • Scott Ferguson
  • Thomas Stajcer

Studio of the year

  • Fang Recording
  • FMP Matrix
  • Iannetti Recordings
  • Lakewind Sound Studios
  • Sonic Temple

video director of the year

  • brendan-henry
  • Cecil Johnson
  • katie clarke
  • Lauchlan Ough
  • Wilfred Le Bouthillier

visual artist of the year

  • Mark Young (Andiwork IV)
  • Ashley-Anne Clark
  • Krista Power
  • Richard Lann
  • Sarah Rankin

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