'A Black Lady Sketch Show' Star Skye Townsend Wants You to Know 'Black Women Have Range'

Omeretta the Great always knew she wanted to be a celebrity. However, it wasn’t until her senior of high school that she realized she wanted to become a famous rapper. Growing up, the Atlanta native loved listening to music by Lil Wayne, Eminem and Young Jeezy, but was surprised by the lack of female artists. So, she started doing some digging.

“I just started looking up ‘females that rap’ and I was like, ‘nobody’s in the game right now,’” she told WrapWomen during a recent Zoom interview. “I saw ‘Nicki Minaj’ and ‘audience,’ and I was like, ‘oh, yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do.’ So that’s when I decided that this is gonna be my career.”

When the now 25-year-old first entered the industry, she noticed a certain animosity between the female artists, despite how few there were. “Everybody was fighting for a spot,” she explained. “But I believe that it was more so because there wasn’t enough space. It was like society was only going to support one female rapper at a time.”

Today, especially if you follow Omeretta and her music, it’s clear that this competitive climate has since evolved. She is often giving nods to other female rappers. Most recently, her song “Sorry Not Sorry” was remixed with a new verse from 23-year-old “Big Energy” rapper Latto, who is also from Atlanta.

“Now there’s so much room and this door has been open so wide to the point that we don’t have to fight for spots… we can all eat,” said Omeretta. “I feel like that’s what a lot of girls now understand. And that’s why they are so open to working with each other because it’s like, it ain’t just gonna be one, we can all be sitting at the top.”

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With this same sentiment of collaboration, Omeretta the Great is also speaking at Atlanta’s CultureCon this week along with Stacey Abrams, Kandi Burress and more. The event, presented by The Creative Collective NYC, is the fastest-growing conference for creatives, entrepreneurs, and young professionals of color.

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