Tom Hiddleston and Sophia DiMartino in 'Loki'

‘Loki’, one of the most successful series on Disney +, closed its first season causing the opening of that multiversal gap that has triggered so many plots later, but this contribution was not the only very significant one for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. including that mention of the bisexuality of its protagonist, a character played by Tom Hiddlestonthis television fiction also scored a point in relation to the sexual diversity of the Marvelite big screen.

Loki reveals that he is bisexual in conversation with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), a variant to which respond about your likes with “a little of each” to add below “I suspect the same as you”. Thus, in a more than simple way, said instant he managed to convey that sexual orientation is part of the essence of an individual, and as such, of course, if Sylvie is a variant of Loki, of course she is also bisexual. Now, when a second season is already being prepared, Tom Hiddleston talks about that moment: “It was definitely very important for all of us”.

He has done so in statements to the renowned English media Guardian, Giving just enough brushstroke to transcend your pride at the inclusion of something that had already been dealt with in the comics. “We all wanted to preserve the integrity of the character. I wanted to make sure we didn’t lose fan favorite parts while doing something new. I also hope that the fact that Loki came out as bisexual was meaningful to the people who saw it. It was a small step and there is more way to gobut it was definitely important to all of us.”.

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Loki’s future

‘Loki’ has already got down to work with a second season that comes with many changes. One of the most significant without a doubt is that Michael Waldron, chief writer of the first and screenwriter of ‘Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness’, leaves this position to leave it in the hands of Eric Martin, who will lead the development of the plot. In addition, season 2 will not feature Kate Herron who directed the first, instead we will see Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson who come from ‘Moon Knight’.

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