Aitana on the set of the remake of 'Tras la pared'

Aitana Ocaña does not marry anyone in her jump to acting. The singer, who announced a few months ago the filming of ‘The Last’, a series for Disney + with Miguel Bernardeau, now joins another project as an actress. This time it will be a movie for Netflix.

This is the remake of the French comedy ‘Behind the wall’, which will be directed by Patricia Font, winner of the Goya for Best Short Fiction for ‘Coffee to go’. His co-star will be Fernando Guallar (‘The Game of the Keys’), and the cast is completed by Natalia Rodríguez, Adam Jezierski, Paco Tous and Miguel Ángel Muñoz.

The film’s plot revolves around a pianist who has a major audition on the horizon and a game inventor who lives next door. The conflict arises because he needs absolute silence to concentrate, and the walls are made of paper. Anyone would say that it is neighbour from Anne War The remake of ‘Tras la pared’, which will have a script signed by Marta Sánchez (‘Supernormal’), will be shot in Madrid for seven weeks and does not yet have a release date. Behind the project will be Tripictures, Second Gen Pictures and Blind Date Productions.

‘The last’ will be the first

Aitana just recently finished filming ‘La Última’. In the Disney+ series, she plays Candela, a girl who dreams of becoming a singer and is discovered by a record company executive while singing in a bar.. Bernardeau becomes Diego, Candela’s old high school classmate, who is pursuing a career in boxing. His lives will cross again in that series that will have five episodes and that still does not have a release date on the platform.

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