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“American Idol” had to get creative on Sunday night after two contestants tested positive for COVID.

Noah Thompson and Fritz Hager were both unable to make it to the stage for the live show, but that didn’t stop them from competing for a spot in the top five.

First, the competition aired Fritz’s rehearsal from the previous night. Following the performance, he appeared via video chat from his hotel room to receive feedback from the judges — which was entirely positive.

“My friend, your star has arrived,” judge Lionel Richie told him.

Next up was Thompson. For his performance of him, I have Zoomed into the competition from his hotel room of him. The change of scenery didn’t stop him from giving a show-stopping performance.

Luke Bryan told him: “You look like a star.”

Richie and fellow judge Katy Perry also agreed that, while they hoped for a speedy recovery for Thompson, his sickness did lend to a very authentic rasp in his voice for his rendition of “Landslide.”

Luckily, their performances were enough to keep them in the competition. Both Hager and Thompson moved on to the top five rounds.

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