Bad Bunny will be The Dead (Marvel)

Marvel will make a movie starring Bad Bunny. The music star speaks for the first time about this unexpected signing.

bad bunny will make the movie The deadinspired by the character of marvel comics. Sony Pictures Entertainment confirmed the project a few weeks ago and fans were surprised by this signing. It was totally unexpected. Nobody expected that the music star, who has just presented her new album, was going to star in a superhero movie. It is not the first time that she appears in the world of Hollywood, since she was dropped in the series narcs from Netflixappeared in Fast and Furious 9 and will be in the next summer action blockbuster, Bullet Train.

In a recent interview, Bad Bunny has spoken for the first time about his signing by Marvel. “This movie is going to be epic,” said the singer. “I still can not believe it. I am very proud because my work has given me the opportunity to be the first Latino hero to star in a movie. Viewers are going to be proud of my work.” Thus, the musical star has been excited and moved by The dead. And he has also promised that people will enjoy his characterization. The truth is that, surely, his presence is the highlight of a very strange project.

The triumph of superheroes opens the door to an unknown character

The dead It is one of the most representative cases of the success of superhero cinema today. We are talking about a character that has hardly had a presence in the comics of Spider Man. However, Sony Pictures Entertainment has wanted to focus on this character for some reason that we do not understand. The presence of Bad Bunny is striking, of course, and perhaps it serves to make the premiere more crowded than expected. The marketing of The dead he is practically done with his leading role. However, there is still a lot to know about this project to get really excited.

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