Vengadores 5 se adelanta en Doctor Strange 2

How has Doctor Strange 2 been able to reveal the story of Avengers 5? We share this theory about Marvel Studios that talks about his future.

The appearance of Charlize Theron in the post-credits scene Doc Strange 2 could have changed everything Marvel Cinematic Universe. “You caused a raid and we need to fix it,” her character said. Those words, as they have collected since TheDirectthey could have revealed the future history that will have avengers 5.

After the credits of Doc Strange 2we see again Stephen Strange walking through the streets of New York. She seems to have accepted the third eye from her and is happy. But suddenly she receives a visitor. It is Clea, characterized by Charlize Theron. Clea pulls out an energy blade, opens a portal to the Dark Dimension and then inform the Sorcerer Supreme that it has caused an incursion. That mistake, apparently, has to be corrected by her. Therefore, she asks the magician for help. But what does it have to do with avengers 5?

For this we must go back to the scene of the illuminati in Doc Strange 2. More specifically, what he says reed richards about raids being no joke. Most likely, this word will lead us to avengers 5 and signify a new event at the level of Avengers: Endgame and the battle against Thanos. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the presence of Kang the Conqueror.

It’s Secret Wars time in the MCU!

The concept «incursion» is directly related to Secret Wars, one of the great recent events in comics. Although there are original secret wars, everything indicates that Marvel Studios has been fixed on Jonathan Hickman to lay the foundations in Doc Strange 2 of what will be avengers 5 in the future.

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The story of Secret Wars follows the incursions that occur in the Multiverse as they hasten the end of all existence. Due to a contradiction in the multiversal timeline, the universes become misaligned and alternate earths become the point of impact for the two realities that are trapped within the phenomenon. Once they collide, both universes cease to exist forever.

The question that arises now is: are you Secret Wars really just around the corner in the MCU? Will we see this that they advance in Doc Strange 2 in avengers 5? All signs are pointing to that place. Raids are going to be key, that’s for sure. We’ll see what ends up happening, but we bet the shots go that way. After all, Kevin Feig he stated that this film was key to the next cinematic phases. The only possibility is this.

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