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The premiere of Doctor Strange 2 has become in just a few days the biggest success of Sam Raimi’s career. What a box office hit!

Doc Strange 2 has had a brutal opening weekend. Its premiere has already exceeded the premiere of the three films of spider-man who directed sam raimi. The filmmaker’s return to directing after an absence of nine years has been through the front door. He hadn’t directed a superhero movie since 2007 and the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe He has boosted it in such a way that it has become the greatest triumph of his career. We are talking, obviously, in terms of box office success.

Based on official data, dead line has reported that Doc Strange 2 has exceeded all initial estimates. It has raised almost 200 million in a few days. Therefore, it has become the best opening weekend for a film directed by Sam Raimi. Far exceeds 114 million spider-man (2002) and the 151 million dollars of Spider-Man 3 (2007). Both films, as in the case of the sequel to the Sorcerer Supremesaw the light the first weekend of May. Spider-Man 2 (2004), meanwhile, was released on July 4 and earned $88 million.

Other aspects to take into account to carry out the analysis

It should also be noted that this is adjusted for inflation. If the value of the dollar equalized, the premiere of Spider-Man 3 would have been 201 million dollars, while spider-man would have reached 181 million dollars. This means that they would be equal to or even above Doc Strange 2. In addition, Sam Raimi has taken a character on the rise. After the presence of Stephen Strange in Avengers: Endgame Y Spider-Man: No Way Home, his fame reaches very high levels. This responds precisely to the fact that he is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel Studios currently.

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