Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2 (Marvel Studios)

Doctor Strange 2 has a very serious flaw in its script. However, this failure has now been explained by actress Elizabeth Olsen.

elizabeth olsen has explained why Scarlet Witch not looking for View in the alternate universe they present in Doc Strange 2. This fact is the most serious failure of the aftermath of the Sorcerer Supreme. Wanda Maximoff he searches for his children in the alternate universe and wants to possess his multiversal counterpart to live the life he never had. But why doesn’t Vision appear? What happened to the character? Paul Bettany? Why one of the keys to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has disappeared from the footage? Her absence seems to have no explanation, but the truth is that he does.

In an interview given to ColliderElizabeth Olsen explained why Scarlet Witch set her sights solely on her children, instead of also including her husband in Doc Strange 2. The actress has stated that she, after becoming a mother in WandaVision, the only instinct that moves Wanda Maximoff is motherhood. That is, the life of her children. She has also added that the Wanda of the other universe is a single mother, that Vision is not part of her life. That would be a good explanation, although they could have brought it up during a brief dialogue to give context.

Explanation for Vision’s absence in the Sorcerer Supreme sequel

“There’s a whole list of things he could have looked for in the other universe, like his brother or his parents,” Elizabeth Olsen reasoned about Vision’s absence in Doc Strange 2. “I think the main reason is that, in this universe, Wanda was not with Vision. We liked that she remained a mystery. For some reason, he is not with her, he is not part of her world. I always thought of her as a kind of domestic Wanda. They divorced and separated. Either way, we liked the idea of ​​her being alone, the idea that the most important thing in the world when you become a mother is your children. Children are also part of her mythology. Once you are a mother, the loss of your child is more painful than any other you may experience. That’s why he doesn’t look for Vision.”

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