Hilary Duff in 'How I Met Your Father'

In a round table together with other international media, we have had the opportunity to chat with Hilary Duff, the great protagonist of ‘How I met your father’. The series, which stands as a spin-off of the successful ‘How I Met Your Mother’, lands on Disney+ this Wednesday, May 11also counting on other faces such as Chris Lowell, Francia Raisa, Tien Tran, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley and even Kim Cattrall.

During the intervention, Duff came in to address various questions about the series, being asked about her identification with her character, the use of canned laughs or her work as a producer. We, taking advantage of her legendary past as the great ‘Lizzie McGuire’, we went in to ask about the evolution of comedy from the early 2000s to the presentThat is, from when she started her television career with this Disney Channel classic to her current job on ‘How I Met Your Father’.

“There are a lot of differences. I don’t even know if I can address that quickly. I think one of them is that our show is very diverse and shows a true representation of how people act today.”began explaining Duff. It’s been a long time coming, but comedy is now more inclusive exploring different sexualities and different races.. It’s lovely to have a work that is much more realistic. But honestly, we didn’t even think about that.”it continued.

The actress exemplified her words with the character of Ellen, a lesbian girl who is brought to life by the actress Tengo Tran. “We’re not dealing with her coming out, she is who she is and fits into our circle of friends like anyone else. Her plot revolves around her recent divorce and her move. Those are her struggles, because she’s confident, loved and appreciated for what it is and we don’t have to broach that subject.”, he pointed out. In this sense, Hilary Duff clarified that feels that comedy shows a greater connection to diversity, acceptance and feelings of people than there was 20 years ago, when she began her career in the world of television comedy with ‘Lizzie McGuire’. “People can be accepted and connected in a way that I feel like they weren’t 10 or 20 years ago when I first appeared on television.”he claimed.

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A character far removed from her

Hilary Duff plays Sophie, a woman who is constantly searching for her better half through dating apps. However, the actress admits that With her current life as a happily married woman with children, she feels very far from the character, which has been a very refreshing challenge for her.. However, Sophie does not completely walk away from the challenges of her own life.

“Yeah, I’m a mom, I’m in a relationship and I’m just trying to keep my head above water with a career and three kids that I organize and have to support. So this is really refreshing to come to work, it opens my eyes a little bit more and I makes me more optimistic and not so locked into the logistics of keeping my world and my family running”responded the actress during the round table. Sophie just doesn’t have the kind of pressure that I think I do, and I love that. I mean, she also has her own issues of trying to find her balance, which I relate to a lot. Even now I am progressing and learning.”nuance

Using the theme Duff also talked about how he lived his romantic dateswhere she also admits to feeling a lot of distance with Sophie due to her high media exposure, her divorce with Mike Comrie or having her first child at an early age. “I have a totally different perspective on that, or I like an upbringing that’s very different from Sophie’s, because I’ve had a more public life from a very young age, I’ve always been in serious relationships and I haven’t been a continuous dating person and exposed as Sophie”recounted.

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“I think unfortunately I’ve been much more jaded because I got divorced at a young age, had a child at a young age and had to take that into account moving forward into new relationships. I mean, I dated, but always before I jumped into a relationship I knew it was going to be something bigger than casual. And I think it’s because I have a son. That was always a bit more challenging and I didn’t get to date in that lighthearted way like Sophie.”concluded about his identification with his character.

How I Met Your Father premieres on Disney+ on May 11.


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