Hugh Jackman was going to be Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2

Hugh Jackman was going to reappear as Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2. However, Marvel Studios decided not to put him on screen for a reason.

Doc Strange 2 It was going to be much bigger than what we saw. the scene of the illuminatiin which we saw Charles Xavier, Black Lightning, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel, Mordo Y Reed Richards/Mr. FantasticI was going to have more characters. One of them was Wolverines and it was to mean the reappearance of Hugh Jackman in the role of the legendary mutant with the adamantium claws. Nevertheless, Marvel Studios made the decision to remove it from the sequel to the Sorcerer Supreme. We do not know what is the reason that pushed the study to reject this idea, if it is true. But the information we have right now is that.

As reported Moth CultureWolverine (Hugh Jackman) would have arrived at the Illuminati headquarters just at the time that Wanda Maximoff kill everyone in Doc Strange 2. The actor and the character would have only had 30 seconds on the screen and would have worn a yellow suit, identical to the one in the comics. Scarlet Witch I would have busted it the moment I saw her. The adamantium skeleton would have remained behind her, in a plane that would surely have been very sam raimi, from the point of view of terror. A very Marvel sequence that we would have loved to see everyone.

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Has this movie been a missed opportunity?

It’s a shame that Marvel Studios scrapped the idea of ​​Hugh Jackman appearing as Wolverine in Doc Strange 2. Surely, it would have been that scene that would have made us all scream like crazy in the cinema and that we would remember for life. Some fans have said that the Multiverse has been “a missed opportunity”. They wanted a lot of cameos, like Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, Sam Raimi preferred to make a movie and not a fan service museum. He preferred to tell a story than to indulge in the easy expedient of giving the audience what they want, not what the plot needs.

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