Directors Guild President 'Appalled' by Supreme Court's Abortion Draft Decision

Mark Esper, Donald Trump’s former Secretary of Defense, has a new book out — “A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Defense Secretary in Extraordinary Times.” Yes, this means yet another Trump official has written a tome filled with pretty unsettling information about Trump’s time in office that might have been helpful to know at the time.

But that aside, Esper has been extremely forthcoming with the scary details. For example, how, according to Esper, Trump wanted to have Black Lives Matter protesters shot. Or how, according to Esper, Trump wanted to attempt a false flag missile attack on Cartels in Mexico. Wildstuff.

And if you’re wondering what Esper thinks about his former boss, obviously his opinion isn’t good. On Monday, he appeared on Fox News to talk about his new book, and while speaking with Brett Baier he agreed that Trump is in fact a threat to American democracy.

Here’s how that went down:

Baier: Do you think Donald Trump was a threat to democracy?

Esper: I think that given the events of January 6, given how he has undermined the election results, he incited people to come to DC, stirred ’em up that morning and failed to call them off, to me that threatens our democracy.

Baier: So, yes?

Esper: I think the answer would – what else can you conclude, Brett?

Watch the exchange below:

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